ADDRESSES PROJECT investigates sites of lesbian and queer community gathering in New York City. Consisting of an expanding archive of former lesbian/queer bar and club locations and oral history interviews, ADDRESSES tracks the history of the Gay Rights Movement, shifts in identity building (and shedding) and the sociopolitical conditions of the city itself over the past six decades from a lesbian and queer perspective. Gwen Shockey has gathered over two hundred addresses and names of bars, clubs and venues that once hosted lesbian and queer gatherings. Shockey traveled to locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, following instructions given to her by individuals she interviewed, to photograph what is there now. Because many of these spaces were mafia-owned or kept hidden to protect individual identities from law enforcement there is little recorded information about their histories. ADDRESSES creates an alternate map of New York based on word-of-mouth, memory and storytelling.
NOTE: Although the focus of this map is currently on bars and nightclubs, there have been many other types of gathering spaces that offered lesbians and queer people safety and community through the decades. Certain bars and nightclubs were uncomfortable or inaccessible due to economic and race based-factors discussed in the oral history archive.
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